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Cut costs and boost revenues

Partner with Vision Solutions to add new, highly profitable cloud services to your portfolio. Regardless of the number or types of platforms your clients use, you can implement DRaaS services and deliver near-zero downtime data migration services.

We’ll help you monetize your database in the cloud investment. We have a proven methodology that enables our partners to meet even the most stringent customer service level agreements (SLA), recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). When you partner with us, your clients get a world-class DRaaS solution and risk-free, automated, near zero downtime data migration services to and from the cloud. Take the opportunity to get not just more referrals, but better referrals, higher revenues and greater results.

“Vision Solutions provides a highly efficient data backup system that protects our data and increases the security of our entire system, ensuring the smooth operation of our publishing business.”
Yan Xiang,
China Water Conservancy
“Offering cloud solutions and services reliable beyond the expectations of any customer, large or small, and trusted by enterprises is a huge advantage to our partners.”
Bob Johnson,
Executive Vice-President of Sales
Vision Solutions
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Partner Benefits

Fast On-Boarding
Our cloud server backup solutions reduce the amount of time required to set up the repository server so you can on-board clients quickly - and they can immediately take advantage of all the savings and benefits offered by cloud migration software.

Reduced AdministrationSpend less time managing. Our solutions are easy to install and configure, reducing your administration time. Because they’re platform agnostic, they can integrate seamlessly with whatever infrastructure your clients are already using.

Simple Subscription Pricing
Offer your clients easy pay-as-you-go pricing with monthly subscription fees and automated billing.

Reliable Protection and Recovery
Know you’re offering the most trusted protection and high availability recovery technology in the industry.

Easy to Join
Our program offers Cloud Providers, Managed Service Providers, and Cloud Brokers a simple sign up process.

Pre-Built Marketing
You’ll get everything you need to educate your organization quickly, build a go-to-market strategy, and deliver fast revenue.

Not-For-Resale Licenses
Get access to NFR licenses for testing and demonstration. Additionally, you’ll be included in our First Customer Ship programs so you’re always out front with the most innovative solutions.

Pay-As-You-Go Licensing
Metered Usage licensing means you only pay for what’s in use. Plus, we keep you up to date on your usage and bill you automatically. No need to track and manually report licenses.

24x7x365 Support
You and your clients will have around-the-clock access to our live Customer Care and online resources.

Professional Services
From deep technical training, API integration or augmentation for your own Services, we’ve got highly trained and vastly experienced engineers who can help you learn and deliver.

Cloud Acceleration Program
Program Overview
Vision Solutions Cloud Acceleration Program
Vision Solution’s Cloud Acceleration Program (CAP) was developed to help partners increase cloud services adoption and accelerate sales.
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Challenges prospective partners face frequently:

“I’m missing revenue opportunities because I can’t migrate clients to the cloud when they have many different kinds of hardware, hypervisors, platforms and operating systems.”
Cloud Broker
“I have a client who wants to use the cloud for disaster recovery, and with Vision Solutions' DRaaS offerings I can make that happen.”
Managing Director,
Cloud Service Provider
“My organization lacks the resources and support needed to perform successful cloud migrations and offer long-term availability once performed.”
Vice President of Operations,
Hosting Provider

The fastest path to expanding your portfolio of services

Vision Solutions has the capabilities to provide an immediate opportunity to enhance your service offerings with our “As-A-Service” solutions.

As-A-Service Offerings

Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service (DRaaS)
Our HA/DR solutions help you create flexible and reliable DRaaS offerings for diverse customer environments. Vision Solutions’ product suite allows you to tailor your cloud solutions’ billing and recovery options based on customer budget and SLA requirements. Our solutions have a robust SDK/API, which allows integration into existing automation and management tools.

Our data migration services provide the ability to deliver low-risk, near-zero downtime migrations between physical, virtual, and cloud servers using real time data replication. Protect your customer’s productivity with technology that eliminates user and application downtime during migrations.

Your Customer Key Benefits

Recovery Options
A choice of solutions which allows you to offer a selection of recovery options and times.

Granular Server Protection
Customers’ physical, virtual, and cloud based servers can be protected in any combination.

Near-Zero Downtime Migrations
Real-time replication captures changes made during the migration and ensures the data is up to date, minimizing the downtime at cutover.

Increasing Revenue with DRaaS for IBM 1

Increasing Revenue with Disaster Recovery and High Availability as a Service for IBM i

Increase your revenues by offering Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and High Availability as a Service (HAaaS) for IBM i to your clients. This step-by-step guide offers insights on how to increase and/or create stable monthly income as well as provides details how to differentiate your business from the competition.
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Increase Cloud Services adoption

Cloud Services Adoption


Training and Certification

Our certified instructors offer flexible training courses and varying levels of product certification to ensure our partners’ competence in configuring, deploying, and maintaining our migration, high availability and in-the-cloud disaster recovery products is no less than excellent.


Consulting Services

Put our world-class cloud migration software, in the cloud disaster recovery, and high availability expertise to work for you. Structured around our partners’ needs, we offer a wide range of support designed to help partners develop and implement successful projects. Leveraging the many years of experience and industry best practices, each consulting service is also customized to meet our partners’ specific needs and scheduling. Vision's Consulting Services can save you significant time and money while ensuring dependable results.


Migration Assurance Program

Whether you’re starting a new data migration services practice or upgrading your practice to Vision’s industry-leading cloud migration software, Vision Solutions’ Migration Assurance Program (MAP) can help you to rapidly scale your migration service practice. MAP will accelerate your time-to-revenue and improve billable productivity, while helping to ensure high-quality project outcomes.

MAP also allows you to tailor the assistance you receive to fit your needs and budget. Choose from options that either fully outsource migration projects, or augment some of your migration technical work. Vision Solutions’ data migration services experts boast an average of 15 years of experience doing large, complex migrations.

MAP is optimized to help you to:

  • Train, certify and provide on-the-job experience for your consultants
  • Reduce overall project risks by taking advantage of the skills, knowledge and experience of Vision Solutions Global Services
  • Gain confidence that your discovery and planning phases include all relevant servers and applications, and are grouped in waves to insure migration success
  • Gain confidence in the solution before committing to it by viewing the end-to-end process via a small pilot project

Best-in-Class Partner Benefits

Vision Solutions delivers around the clock, around the globe support for our solutions. Our CustomerCare program offers you the most advanced and accessible tools – along with access to a team of veteran industry professionals with unmatched technical expertise. Couple that technical support with strong partner marketing programs, and you receive exceptional benefits from working with Vision.


  • 24/7/365 access to Vision’s Support Central for online product and support resources
  • Expert sales and technical support
  • Excellent training and certification resources
  • Access to dedicated marketing resources
  • Creative lead generation programs
  • 24/7/365 access to the Vision Solutions Partner Resource Center
  • Unlimited sales and marketing tools
  • Online deal registration