Security Risk Assessment

Expert Insight and Recommendations to Close Security Gaps

Proactively Improve IBM i Security without Burdening Your IT Staff

In this age of data breaches and cyber threats, it’s a challenge to stay on top of the security risks to your IBM i system. Regular risk assessments are a key part of a comprehensive IT security program and are required by industries subject to security regulations. However, not all IBM i administrators have the knowledge or the time to conduct regular, in-depth security assessments, and not all security auditors understand the special characteristics of the IBM i.

Let the security experts from Vision Solutions Global Services perform a full IBM i security risk assessment without burdening your staff. A security risk assessment service will provide you with a clear picture of your security vulnerabilities and give you specific recommendations for remediation.


Clear, Actionable Security Assessment Reports for IBM i

As part of a security risk assessment service, security experts will check all of your IBM i system definitions as they relate to security and provide a clear explanation of what these definitions mean while detailing recommendations for necessary changes. The reports you receive will include a management summary that helps non-technical administrators and managers easily understand the state of their IBM i security while also delivering a variety of detailed, actionable information that technical staff can use to address vulnerabilities.

Gen_Asss_Med_Risk_GaugeReports included with a Security Risk Assessment:

  • Management summary
  • System values
  • Default passwords
  • Disabled users
  • Command line users
  • Distribution of powerful users
  • Library authorities
  • Open ports
  • Exit-point programs
  • And many other key security metrics


Key Deliverables

  • A security assessment tool will be run as a native job on the target IBM i system.
  • Dozens of security definitions on your IBM i, will be checked, comparing actual values against recommended best practice.
  • Defined security policies will be summarized while pinpointing deviations from recommended values for those policies.
  • Explanations of the meaning and significance of system definitions will be provided.
  • A map of ports and their functions along with details about any application server protection in place will be generated.
  • Guidance on how to reduce vulnerabilities will be provided.
  • Detailed reports will be delivered in HTML or PDF format.
  • A management summary with a high-level picture of security risk will also be included.


  • Eliminates the security risk assessment burden from your IT staff
  • Provides deep insights from experienced IBM i professionals
  • Gives you an understanding of how to proactively mitigate IBM i security threats
  • Fulfills the requirement for an annual risk assessment under PCI DSS and HIPAA
  • Improves your organization’s overall security compliance standing

Trust the Experts

Service Performance Insight (SPI) honored Vision Solutions as one of just eleven firms, out of 220 participants, named “Best-of-the-Best” for excelling in all five service performance dimensions studied – leadership, client relationships, human capital alignment, service execution and finance and operations.

Our expert consultants have decades of experience planning, implementing and optimizing IBM i system security. They can provide you with a thorough assessment of your security exposures and remediation needs while filling skillset gaps or relieving overburdened IT staff.