Managed Security Services

Take The Burden Off Your IT Staff With Vision Managed Services

Protect your IBM i with Expert Managed Security Services

As part of your managed resilience plan, Vision Solutions will work with and monitor your Enforcive IT security products. Get the level of service that’s best for you with our tiered managed security offerings:

  • Bronze Level - We double check your security environment daily and provide a monthly report on the health of your security settings.
  • Silver Level - Our experts perform security health checks every day, review the findings, and make approved adjustments as needed providing a weekly report.
  • Gold Level - We conduct daily monitoring of your security settings, manage your security configuration, and provide weekly status reports. Plus, we will install Enforcive hot fixes, PTFs and version upgrades.
  • Platinum Level - Receive all of the Gold Level services plus daily monitoring of Enforcive, which includes intrusion detection and auditor assistance (SecurityAuditorAssist) services.

Features of Vision Managed Resilience Levels

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Daily Security Review/Report of FIndings ✔ **
Security Configuration Adjustments
Time limited

Time limited

Time limited
Product Hotfixes and PTFs installed
Security SW upgrades
  - Version upgrade
  - Feature review and training
Enforcive Support System Changes
Annual Security Risk Assessment
Daily Intrusion Detection Monitoring
Auditor Assistance Ready - AuditorAssist

** Monthly report (vs weekly in Silver/Gold/Platinum levels)

Additional services can be added to packages:

  • Vision Solutions Managed Services PLUS extends monitoring from regular business days to 365 days a year.
  • 24x7 Monitoring means we’ll respond to errors reported via automated emails. A pre-Managed Services Assessment is required at the start of the service in order to determine what additional changes may be required before we assume monitoring.
  • Auditor Assistance we will work directly with your Auditors (internal or external) to provide the security reports/information they need for installed Enforcive systems. This service needs to be scheduled a month before the target date.
  • Enhanced reporting for all Managed Services customers at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. You’ll get an enhanced weekly report and the option for additional metrics.
Managed Services Whitepaper
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The Managed Service Provider: An Invaluable Ally in the Quest to Improve Resilience
Are you being pressured to trim budgets or overburden your staff in the face of persistent IT security and downtime threats? It’s an unenviable situation many professionals like you face. The solution may lie in managed services: experts who can perform the day-to-day functions of resilience so the people in your organization can focus on more pressing matters. Many organizations have taken to managed services to bridge the gap between lofty expectations and the practical limitations of in-house staff alone.
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