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IBM Launches IBM Power System Modeling Tool

Dec 22, 2011
  • HA/DR
The hum you will soon hear will not be the one that comes from your PCs cooling fan. Rather, it will very likely be buzz surrounding IBM's Smarter Computing initiative. Actually, if Big Blue's new online modeling tool dubbed, "IBM Smarter Computing Workload Simulator," works as intended you’ll find the din inescapable.

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Speed the Cloud: What the Cloud First Initiative Means to You

Dec 06, 2011
  • Cloud
Recently the U.S. Government released a document called Federal Cloud Computing Strategy as part of the administrations Cloud First initiative, which requires agencies to evaluate safe, secure cloud computing options prior to making any new investments in IT. The government intends to spend one quarter of its entire IT budget, that's $20 billion, on cloud computing.

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