MIMIX for PowerHA


Extend and enhance IBM PowerHA high availability

MIMIX® for PowerHA® is a complementary solution for users of IBM® PowerHA®. It enhances IBM PowerHA protection, and audits for conditions that could impact switch operations. When paired with MIMIX Availability, MIMIX for PowerHA extends HA/DR protection by enabling replication of data to additional local or remote servers for disaster recovery, query, and data distribution purposes.

Extend and Enhance the Availability Protection of IBM PowerHA for i
This white paper explores storage subsystem-based replication technology and explains how MIMIX for PowerHA uses MIMIX technology to augment and complete the protection provided by IBM PowerHA solutions.
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Enhanced HA/DR protection

IBM PowerHA for i protects only data in an Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool (IASP). As a result, it leaves data in the other Auxiliary Storage Pools (ASPs), collectively known as SYSBAS, unprotected. MIMIX for PowerHA replicates the objects in SYSBAS that are not supported in IASPs, as well as data associated with applications that have not been modified to run in an IASP. All data and applications are fully protected from downtime and data loss with the addition of MIMIX for PowerHA.


Monitoring for IBM PowerHA switch issues

A successful switch from your production server to a recovery server requires constant vigilance to ensure that the switch will not fail or be delayed due to changes in the environment. MIMIX for PowerHA checks for conditions in the IBM PowerHA environment that might jeopardize or delay a successful switch and sends a notification when it detects one. This allows you to resolve issues immediately rather than waiting to discover problems during a switch, ensuring the fastest possible recovery time.

Audits automatically performed by MIMIX for PowerHA include the following:

Duplicate library name detection
Switchable IASPs cannot contain a library name that is the same as a library in SYSBAS. On the IASP vary on portion of a switch or failover, a check is performed. If a duplicate name exists, the vary on will fail, and the switch or failover will not be successful. MIMIX for PowerHA monitors for duplicate library names and provides a notification when detected. The duplicate library name is detected when the library is created, rather than waiting until the switch is in progress and a vary on is attempted.

User profile configuration audit
User profile assignments that differ on the production and recovery servers need to be resolved at the time of a switch, increasing the switch time. MIMIX for PowerHA detects these conditions when they arise so the environment can be updated immediately and maintained in an optimized state.

Library ratio audit
The greater the number of libraries in SYSBAS, the longer the vary on operation will take. MIMIX for PowerHA highlights the ratio between libraries in SYSBAS and libraries in the IASP to provide awareness of the effects on the vary on time and thus, the switch time.


Added high availability and disaster recovery protection

Maintaining multiple recovery servers that are active and ready to switch allows you to protect your critical data and applications at all times so that a single recovery server does not leave you vulnerable. MIMIX for PowerHA, when used in conjunction with MIMIX Availability, enables you to manage a multiple recovery server HA/DR environment.

Protection during planned maintenance
When you perform maintenance on what is normally your production server, you can switch to your recovery server and keep the business running on it. If that is your only recovery server, your data will not be replicated until the original production server is brought back online. Because disasters happen on their own schedules, you may lose considerable data and application availability if one strikes during a maintenance operation.

Using MIMIX for PowerHA with MIMIX Availability to maintain multiple backups—possibly one local for use during maintenance and one remote for disaster recovery—protects your data and applications from disasters at all times, including when your production server is down for maintenance.

Protection against simultaneous outages
Disasters are rare and simultaneous disasters, or a combination of a disaster and another downtime event, are even more rare, but they are not impossible. Using MIMIX for PowerHA with MIMIX Availability to maintain multiple recovery servers, possibly in different locations, helps to protect against downtime and data loss that might otherwise result from simultaneous outages.


Leveraging the value of your data with replicate servers

Replicate servers maintained by MIMIX for PowerHA in conjunction with MIMIX Availability can be used for purposes other than high availability and disaster recovery. Because they continuously maintain a real-time copy of production data, you can create replicate servers for:

  • Data warehousing
  • Queries and reporting
  • Offline backups from the secondary copy of your data
  • Other read-only application or operation

And by moving these workloads to replicate servers, you can relieve the strain on your production server.

What’s more, when multiple application servers need to share the same data, you can use MIMIX for PowerHA, coupled with MIMIX Availability, to replicate data from one production server to another transparently, without the need for manual intervention.