Complete, Affordable Disaster Recovery for IBM i

Complete disaster recovery protection for IBM i applications and data

MIMIX® DR is an affordable disaster recovery solution designed for small and medium sized businesses with critical data and applications on entry-level Power Systems running IBM i.  MIMIX DR provides real-time replication to a recovery server that stands ready for failover, eliminating data loss and allowing you to restore business operations much more quickly than tape-based recoveries.


Five Disaster Recovery Tips for Small to Midsize Businesses running IBM i

Gaps in protection caused by tape backup strategies can put small and midsize businesses at a higher risk for data loss and extended periods of downtime. This paper provides a roadmap to a successful modern-day disaster recovery strategy. It also offers an overview of MIMIX DR, a cost-effective disaster recovery solution for SMBs.
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Real-time replication

With MIMIX DR, you can be confident that your business is protected from data loss. MIMIX DR instantly replicates every change made to your production server's data and applications to a recovery server in real time. The recovery server functions as an exact replica of your production server that is always current and ready to take over whenever necessary.

  • Built on proven, trusted MIMIX technology
  • Replicates data in real time to a recovery server to protect it from loss
  • Enables full recovery of data after server, site, or regional outage
  • Faster and more convenient recovery than tape backup
  • Eliminates the risk of data loss inherent in periodic tape backups
  • Protects files, data areas, data queues, IFS, programs, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, triggers, constraints, and more
  • Enables replication between local, remote or cloud servers with different hardware, storage, or IBM i OS versions (7.1, 7.2 and 7.3)
  • Allows access to replicated data for business operations, tape backup, reporting and more

Fast recovery from disaster

MIMIX DR is the advanced disaster recovery solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Using trusted and proven MIMIX technology, your important data and applications are replicated in real time to a waiting recovery server. This recovery server can be located on-premises, offsite, or in the cloud. If a failure occurs on your production server, access to your recovery server is quick and uncomplicated.

As employees work and use your IBM i production server, MIMIX DR replicates every change they make to your data in real time to a waiting recovery server. The recovery server can be located on-premises, offsite, or in the cloud.


If the production server fails, your users will lose their connection to the system and replication to the recovery server will end.


Because MIMIX DR has maintained a replica of your production server up to the point of failure, you can move operations to the recovery server. Simply follow the steps in your Runbook to failover to the recovery server and resume operations. Please note that there is no replication protection in place during this time.


Once you have repaired your original production server, acquired a new server, or obtained a hosted server, it is time to recover to that “new” production server. Vision Solutions Services experts are available to assist you with switching back to the new server and recovering your data.


After the recovery, your users operate on the “new” production server. Replication from the production server to the recovery server resumes. Your business is protected from future outages or disaster recovery events.


Audits for confident failover

You can be confident that your recovery server is always ready to take over at a moment’s notice. MIMIX DR’s comprehensive auditing with self-healing ensures the integrity and reliability of your protected data. Virtual failover capabilities enable DR testing without impact on business operations.

  • Robust, scheduled object-level audits identify and correct out-of-sync objects
  • Prioritized audits allow unchanged objects to be audited less frequently for faster completion and more efficient use of resources
  • Continuous monitoring of data on the recovery server detects and repairs unauthorized changes and identifies the user responsible for the change
  • Virtual failover procedure allows you to test a failover to the recovery server without impacting production operations Full visibility into the changes made during the test and return to normal replication is provided in the browser-based UI..
  • Provides complete confidence that you can failover to your recovery server in the event of any production server failure, site failure, or natural disaster

Easy to configure, monitor and manage

MIMIX DR offers users an intuitive interface that makes operation and maintenance easy and quick - even for non-technical operators. Managing your disaster recovery solution takes only minutes a day.

  • Quick and easy to install and configure using simple, guided wizards
  • Browser-based interface is customizable to meet your needs and working style
  • Color-coded, mobile-friendly dashboard summarizes status at a glance
  • Lights out monitoring enabled by email and SNMP alerts
  • On-demand data protection reports for libraries, folders, and directories
  • Easy-to-use wizards for replication configuration from protection reports
  • Speeds problem resolution with extensive, context-sensitive, fly-over help text


MIMIX DR VSP screen shots

Flexible, affordable licensing options

MIMIX DR is tailored to meet the business requirements and budgetary constraints of small to medium-sized companies. We know that you have to consider every investment in technology in terms of today’s budget and the long-term value. MIMIX DR offers several flexible implementation scenarios for any budget, including managed service and cloud-hosted offerings from Syncsort's global network of partners.

  • Eliminates capital investment in a recovery server when hosted by a Vision cloud or managed services partner
  • Provides a growth path to MIMIX Availability as your business’ HA/DR needs grow
  • Allows you to satisfy regulatory mandates and service level agreements related to data loss and downtime accountability
  • Minimizes maintenance and operational costs
  • Affordable professional services are available to jump start your implementation, test your DR readiness, assist with failover and recovery, or even monitor and manage MIMIX DR for you