iTERA Availability

Disaster Recovery and High Availability for IBM i

High availability for small and medium businesses running IBM i

iTERA® Availability replicates your production environment to a backup server in real time with zero data loss, keeping your applications and data available and your business productive. Reliable and simple to manage, iTERA Availability puts nonstop availability well within your grasp.


Five Disaster Recovery Tips for Small to Midsize Businesses running IBM i

Gaps in protection caused by tape backup strategies can put small and midsize businesses at a higher risk for data loss and extended periods of downtime. This paper provides a roadmap to a successful modern-day disaster recovery strategy. It also offers an overview of MIMIX DR, a cost-effective disaster recovery solution for SMBs.
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Real-time replication for IBM i

iTERA Availability’s fast, reliable, real-time replication technology continually maintains a complete, accurate copy of your vital business data and applications on a backup server.

  • Delivers fast, reliable replication using IBM’s trusted Remote Journaling technology
  • Replicates your production environment to a backup server in real time with zero data loss
  • Replicates data, applications and all essential objects from your production server to the backup
  • Delivers RPOs and RTOs that meet stringent SLAs and regulations
  • Protects virtually any SMB application environment, including virtual environments
  • Platform independent technology replicates between differing storage types or IBM i OS versions
  • Ensures data integrity with transaction aware replication technology
  • Minimizes bandwidth requirements
  • Allows access to replicated data for queries and reports, saves to tape, or maintenance activities without business interruption
Journaling and High Availability

Journaling and High Availability: Understanding the Foundation of Logical Data Replication in IBM i Environments

Journaling is a powerful feature, one that IBM has continued to develop and improve over the years. Journaling is a key component in protecting you against downtime. This white paper addresses what you need to know about journaling, what it can do, and how it supports and cooperates with high availability software.
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Audits for data integrity

iTERA Availability ensures worry-free role swaps by continually auditing the integrity of your replicated data on the backup server and automatically healing any unauthorized changes at the record level, without requiring the resynchronization of entire objects. In addition, scheduled and on-demand audits verify the integrity of more than 200 objects and attributes, healing any changes as they are discovered.

  • Periodic or on-demand audits
  • Option to skip audits of files that have not changed since their previous audit
  • Continuous monitoring of objects on the backup system for unauthorized activity
  • Instant, automatic healing of changed objects

Reliable failover

iTERA Availability provides virtual role-swap testing, a role-swap readiness monitor, and documented failover processes to ensure a worry-free failover whenever needed.

  • Virtual Role-Swap validates HA readiness while the primary server remains active
  • Role-Swap Readiness (RSR) Monitor checks role-swap readiness at user defined intervals
  • Checklists and documented best practices guide you through straightforward failover processes
  • Minimizes probability of human error

Simple to manage

iTERA Availability’s simple interface is comfortable for IBM i administrators to navigate, while allowing the monitoring of multiple servers.

  • Easy, wizard-based installation and optimized configuration
  • Automated environment analysis accelerates implementation
  • Easy to use green screen interface requires only minutes a day to manage
  • Replication statistics export for analysis, automation or use by monitoring consoles
  • Extensive context-sensitive help system and menu fastpaths simplify administration
  • System Monitor shows status of production and backup server on a single screen
  • Multi-System Monitor monitors multiple LPARs or systems from a single screen
  • RSR Monitor provides a single screen view of Role-Swap readiness, with both a summary status and a more granular view of all the latest audit checks
  • iTERA Alerts notify you of problems