Password Self-Service


Make it Easy for End Users to Securely Manage Their Own IBM i Passwords

The Enforcive Password Self-Service add-on module relieves your help desk from many of its recurring IBM i password management tasks through an autonomous process that lets users independently and securely manage their own passwords. Users can easily reset their password on a designated system or synchronize a new password across all or select systems.

Easy Password Self-Service for End Users

Password Self-Service guides users through a three-step, user-friendly and secure process, either via a traditional 5250 green screen or a web-enabled Windows portal. This valuable tool uses secured SSL 3 protocol to maintain the privacy of interactions with the authentication server, which can be on a private network or a secured cloud. Non-password authentication options include security questions and a randomly generated token sent to the user by email or SMS. Users can also authenticate themselves to another server.


Simple Setup for Administrators and Security Officers

From a single interface, your administrators and security officers simply select the identification mode that is to be implemented for particular users or user groups (the lists of active users and user groups automatically populate from the User Management module in the Enforcive Suite). The next step is to define password criteria (e.g., length, special characters) and expiration intervals, according to the desired policy. Rules for password criteria can be defined so that they meet system-specific requirements across all available platforms. A full audit trail of user password management activity is maintained.

In addition to IBM i, Password Self-Service is shipped with five other implementation types that can be configured individually or in combination:

  • Windows Active (Directory Direct or via web portal)
  • Windows Server (via web portal)
  • Linux (via web portal)
  • AIX (via web portal)
  • Open LDAP (via web portal)
Password Self-Service
Solution Overview

Password Self-Service

Relieve your help desk from many recurring IBM i password management tasks. Password Self-Service implements an autonomous process that enables end users to independently and securely manage their own passwords.
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  • Offloads administrative password management tasks from help desk teams
  • Improves security through highly customizable user identification processes
  • Enforces password criteria and expiration interval controls
  • Synchronizes new passwords across multiple systems and platforms
  • Maintains an audit trail of password reset activity