Features and Benefits

Enforcive Security Suite for IBM i

Demystifying Security for the IBM i

The powerful Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite from Vision Solutions makes it easy to implement a comprehensive “hardening” of your company’s IBM i defenses against unauthorized access. This advanced security solution contains everything you need to effectively manage security and compliance across your IBM i environments, while quickly adapting to any internal or external threat.


Intelligently Lock Down Systems

Protect your exit points, manage user profiles, and implement group policies for all of your enterprise systems. And should system lockdown become necessary, Enforcive includes the option to first initiate a "warning mode" so that IT managers have a chance to gather pertinent security-event information while watching for unusual patterns to emerge. Once a thorough analysis has been conducted, full security lockdown and access control can commence through Enforcive’s suite of data-protection modules.

Multiple System Management

Easily manage the security of multiple IBM i environments by grouping systems together for the implementation of controls, policies, alerts, reporting, and more. Our unique multi-system management capabilities significantly reduce reporting overload while simplifying enterprise-level security policy implementation via:

  • A common interface to manage multiple servers/partitions
  • Access-control policy replication to remote systems
  • User-profile propagation across systems
  • Cross-system compliance reporting and alerts

Graphical User Interface: Empowering Security

The Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite is fully GUI-enabled, making it easy for organizations to involve “non-green screen” IT professionals in security-related tasks. Our GUI makes it easy for security officers to roll out access-management policies, monitor systems and policies, manage/interpret journals and logs, and quickly drill down to see the details of any suspicious user or object.

Enforcive GUI Interface


Ensuring Compliance on IBM i

Enforcive includes a host of alerting and intrusion-detection tools that enable real-time security and compliance monitoring through the use of e-mail and text messages. Also included are autonomic system responses, such as disabling a user or revoking special authority status for particularly egregious violations. Our compliance features unify efforts, which eliminates redundancy and reduces the burden and complexity of regulatory adherence. And if you need to further streamline compliance operations, our Accelerator Package add-on provides a wide range of predefined reports, alerts, and compliance-template definitions.


Reports Your Auditors Will Appreciate

Enforcive's powerful Report Generator module gives you control over integrating and presenting system data to meet the specific needs of your organization as well as your auditors. Information such as power-user activities, changes to sensitive data, system-by-system comparisons, and more can be organized in ways that best meet audit criteria using scope definitions, field selection, filter criteria, field sorting, and Boolean logic. Once created, these reports can be routed to managers and auditors in PDF, HTML, and CSV formats.


Field-Level Auditing

Enforcive's innovative field-level auditing capabilities provide comprehensive tracking with "before" and "after" images to make it easier to monitor changes to sensitive data.

Layers of Security Whitepaper from Vision Solutions

Layers of Data Security

In this age of data breaches and cyber-threats, the best way to secure your environment is through layers. Fortunately, this multi-faceted solution doesn’t have to be complicated. Read this new white paper from Vision Solutions explaining how the most critical IT systems shouldn’t have to rely on a single approach to security. The strategies and research here can help your company stay resilient by removing the most common security vulnerabilities.
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Modules Included in the Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite

  • Alert Center—Creates instant notifications of transactions, data events, and compliance deviations
  • Application Access Control—Offers comprehensive exit-point control, including ODBC, JDBC, FTP, IFS, etc.
  • Application Analyzer—Provides graphical views of application-access activity within your IBM i environments
  • Application Audit—Delivers a detailed log of network and native exit-point activity with powerful filtering tools
  • Central Audit—Offers a combined archive and audit facility that contains the logged events of a range of system activity
  • Control Panel—Defines parameters and default values for all areas of the Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite
  • ES Administration Roles—Offloads help-desk tasks while maintaining security and compliance requirements
  • File Audit—Audits files at the field level, providing comprehensive views of changes to data
  • Inactive Users—Includes ad-hoc restoration of deleted user profiles for complete user management
  • Inquiries—Provides pre-defined reports of security definitions, authorities, etc., all based on best practices
  • Management—Groups systems to significantly reduce reporting overload
  • Message Queue Audit—Analyzes and reports on the behavior of users, applications, and group messages
  • Object Authorizations—Allows GUI-based control of native object authority
  • QHST Log Audit—Logs events from IBM i QHST files, making them available for audits
  • Report Generator—Defines, optimizes, distributes, and archives your security and compliance reports
  • Session Time-Out—Sets session time-outs and policies for inactive users
  • SOX Compliance Toolkit—Delivers pre-defined alerts and reports tailored to SOX compliance auditing needs
  • SQL Statement Audit—Monitors and audits internal SQL events on the system
  • System Audit—Provides a log for the system journal to manage logging policies, view events, and create reports
  • User Profiles—Manages IBM i users via an efficient and effective portal

Enforcive Power Packs

Not sure you need the full Enforcive suite? We’ve brought together packages of mission-critical security modules as Power Packs to help you specifically manage various types of security operations, including network security, authority swaps, security monitoring, IBM i log transfers, and compliance. To learn more about Enforcive Power Packs, click here.