MIMIX Move for AIX

Near-zero downtime migration for IBM AIX

MIMIX® Move for AIX combines powerful real-time replication technology with expert services to simplify migrations, eliminate risks and virtually eliminate downtime. Platform-independence and automation allow MIMIX Move for AIX to meet a wide range of migration needs, including server modernization, data center consolidation, storage reorganization, cloud adoption, and more.

How to Migrate without Downtime Whitepaper

How to Migrate without Downtime: An Executive Overview

Migrating applications, systems and data has always been a challenge for IT staff; in fact, most have just gotten used to the pain and suffering that comes with migrations. To properly migrate applications and data to new platforms involves risk and takes time to complete, meanwhile users have to stop changing data while it's migrated. The larger the storage footprint, the longer that it's going to take, and migrations routinely take hours or days to complete.
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Migration without the risk and downtime

Advanced replication and failover technology combined with the migration expertise of Vision Solutions’ migration providers minimize the risks normally associated with migrations.

  • Replicates the old server to the new server in the background.
  • Real-time replication keeps servers in sync during validation testing.
  • Bandwidth friendly replication technology with optional compression minimizes bandwidth usage.
  • Optional encryption of replicated data maintains security during migration.
  • Virtual role swaps allow application testing on the new server without impact to the production environment.
  • Cutover automation eliminates human error and limits downtime to minutes.
  • Allows you to return to the original server if necessary with no data loss.

Flexible any-to-any migration support

The platform independent technology in MIMIX Move for AIX supports migration between AIX servers with different operating system versions, storage hardware, or Power Systems models, making upgrades easy and eliminating vendor lock-in.

  • Perform migrations between any combination of physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • Migrate between different versions of IBM AIX and/or different Power Systems models
  • Migrate between storage from different vendors
  • Move operations to a new data center with minimal downtime
  • Facilitate server consolidations with many-to-one migrations
  • No distance limits



Expert migration services

Relying upon the experience and expertise of migration specialists from Vision Solutions or one of its business partners reduces internal resource strain and minimizes the need to incur overtime costs.

  • A migration expert will help you plan the migration, make sure it meets your goals, install and configure the software, and work with you all the way through testing and cutover
  • The help of an experienced migration expert ensures migrations are performed accurately and efficiently
  • The assistance of an outside migration specialist reduces your IT team’s workload and overtime needs and frees it to serve other business needs
  • Leveraging a consultant’s expertise helps to avoid common migration pitfalls