On-Demand Webcasts
Why HA/DR Matters across All Industries

Join IBM and Vision Solutions for a webcast covering the trends and news that businesses just like yours reported on their HA/DR environments. If you’re one of the 83% of IT professionals who lack total confidence that their HA/DR plan is complete and fully tested, you will want to learn from their experiences and start building a business continuity strategy you can rely on for years. Achieving best-practice HA/DR doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is necessary.

Experts will be on hand to dive into the numbers, the discoveries and the solutions. Among the topics covered are:
  • The latest HA/DR trends as described by surveyed companies
  • Modest infrastructure costs and system complexities involved in HA/DR
  • Risk-free HA/DR and near-zero downtime cloud or new server migration solutions
  • SLA, RPO and RTO goals and how you can expect more with proper HA/DR
  • The importance of a Power 8 upgrade and how upgrading fits in your HA/DR plan